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The Perky Plant Mission

Perky Plant is a fertilizer brand on a mission to improve the mental health of 1M people through plants, awareness and events that reach young adults at the most at-risk time of their lives. Since our launch, we have donated 2,500+ plants to college students as part of our biannual Buy A Bottle, Donate A Plant campaigns.

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Our Story


Our First Plants

Like many others, our team got into plants during the pandemic because we were stuck inside and felt our mental health declining. We've always believed that your environment affects your mood, but it wasn't until we bought half a dozen plants that we realized the power of having living things in your environment. Almost immediately, we were much happier!


The Aha Moment

So, we did what any new plant owner does: we started using fertilizer! It was after our second purchase that we had our AHA moment, "why don't we make our own plant food?" Better, yet, let's build a brand focused on improving mental health of people like us that are in the most at-risk age group! So that's exactly what we did and in the Summer of 2021, we launched Perky Plant.


Our Impact

We’ve donated 2,500+ plants to college students as part of two different Buy A Bottle, Donate A Plant campaigns during Mental Health Awareness month and Suicide Awareness month. On our social channels, we’ve built a community of plant people who care about their own mental health and the mental health of the community around them.