Perky Plant - Organic Variety Pack Plant Food Fertilizer (12-pack)

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Perky Plant's Organic House Plant Food Fertilizer is a plant food additive made of organic, water soluble nutrients and bio-stimulants that make your plants as Perky as can be!
✔ MISSION DRIVEN - Perky Plant is on a mission to improve the mental health of 1M people through awareness, periodic giving to charities and events that reach young adults in the most at-risk years of their lives.
✔ ORGANIC PLANT FOOD - Our HOUSE PLANT Food Fertilizer is formulated to increase growth in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants without the use of harsh chemicals.
✔ PROMOTES GROWTH - Strong enough for Outdoor Plants and gentle enough for Indoor Plants. Perky Plant includes additional micronutrients like mycorrhizae bone meal and many others that support healthy growth in plants.
✔ EASY TO USE - Perky Plant comes in an easy to use shaker bottle that makes watering fun! Simply shake Perky Plant directly onto plant pots soil or mix directly into your watering cans.